Ideas for cremated remains

Saying the final goodbye can be one of the hardest moments in the process of grieving and letting go. Somehow you want to be sure the mood is right, and that the setting is special. You may want time to say important things, perhaps some special music that has particular meaning, and maybe some poetry or prayers. As family and friends you may want time alone to grieve. There are a number of ways to dispose of your loved ones ashes, here are some ideas to help you choose a special way of remembering your dearly beloved.

Scattering at a meaningful place.

In many cases, remains are scattered or interred in a place that holds special significance or happy memories for the deceased or the family.  Others may choose to scatter or bury them in their own garden, but this option should be considered in the light of possibly moving house and whether you wish cremated remains to be eventually placed together, such as with a husband and wife. Also many choose to scatter the ashes on the grave of a family member such as their mother, father, wife or husband.

If scattering your loved ones ashes is to much of a final goodbye why not place a tiny part of the remains into a cremation pendant so you can hold them close to your heart forever.

Scattering at Sea

It is becoming increasingly common for people to wish to have their ashes scattered at sea - either due to a general love of the sea, religious reasons or from a past association with the sea. There are number of companies accross the UK that offer this sevice.

fireworksAshes into Fireworks

Although not a popular choice, mainly due to the cost what would be a better way of celebrating the life of your loved one more than a spectacular firework display made out of your loved ones remains.

There are a few companies in the UK that offer this service, however a send off like this will set you back anything from £2000.

Ashes into jewellery

Losing a loved-one is heartbreaking enough, whether they were a relative, a lover, partner, best friend or pet. Scattering their ashes is too much of a final closure, they may have spent many years with you on this earth and you may feel you never wish to ever forget them.

Cremation jewellery is exploding into popularity. The reason is both simple and profound: there is no better way to keep the insperational memory of a loved one close. A cremation jewellery pendant is a gentile and poignant reminder that there are bonds that cannot be broken, even in death.

A discreet way to keep your loved one close is ashes into diamonds ,Just as in nature - where diamonds are formed by the earth heating carbon to immense temperatures under massive pressure over millions of years, memorial diamonds are made emulating almost exactly those conditions. used by carbon derived from your loved-ones ashes or hair/nails in a process that takes weeks rather than millions of years.

Ashes into Art

Art in Ashes is a brand new memorial concept that turns precious family memories directly into beautiful family heirloom. The advent of cremation art may very well be the reason that cremation is more popular than ever as a memorial tradition. There is a variety of factors, of course, in the steady rise in the number of cremations across the developed world since the mid 20th Century. (Among those are increased concern for environmental issues, increasingly enlightened attitudes toward cremation by clergy, and an overall desire for inexpensive death care.) Nevertheless, maybe the most compelling reason people have today for choosing cremation over traditional burial is simply cremation art. With literally hundreds of thousands (at least) of options available for cremation memorials today, cremation art assures that a unique piece is available for just about every personality.

A Traditional Urn

For many most other options are to much of a final goodbye so keeping your loved ones ashes in a urn is the most popular choice.



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