Cremation Costs

Cremation is now the most popular form of "disposal" of a body after death. It accounts for more than 70% of all UK funerals. The most probable reason for this is the cost involved. Loved ones should always first check if the deceased had a funeral plan where money was paid in to cover the costs of the funeral. On average you are looking anywhere between £1200 and £2500 depending on how your service is conducted and other optional extras you take.

Here we will give you a quick breakdown of how these costs might add up.

Crematoria Cost

Adult Monday - Fridays - £350 - £450
Adult Saturday - Sunday - £700 - £900
Child - Often there is no fee for children under 16 years however some crematoria may charge a fee.

Doctors Fees

In the case of cremation, when a death has not been referred to a coroner, a charge will be made by the doctors completing the two medical certificates "Forms B & C" which are required before cremation can take place. With effect from 1st April 2001 the minimum fee recommended by the British Medical Association for the completion of each form is £44.50 although Doctors are able to charge higher fees.

In cases where a coroner's inquiry is held, it is important to notify the coroner that cremation is desired. If the coroner agrees he will issue a certificate in Form 'E' which along with Application Form 'A' is submitted to the Medical Referee and in such cases renders a certificate for cremation from the Registrar of Deaths unnecessary, and medical certificates 'B' and 'C' are not required. All funeral directors are fully conversant with the above procedure.

Funeral Directors

The majority of the cost paid will be for the Funeral Directors fees and will very considerably from company to company. The fees will include costs for conveying the deceased (hearse), limousine hire, "care of the decease" at their property and arranging a time and date for the cremation on your behalf. This will all be amongst other services provided but each service you take will increase your final bill. It is worth nothing to get quotes from several funeral directors before agreeing to the first door you walk through. Understandably it is a difficult time and the last thing you want to be doing is "shopping" for a funeral director however the sad truth is funeral directors are not 100% free of scammers.

It is recommended to look for a funeral Director who is a member of NAFD (National Association of Funeral Directors) as members are bound to a strict code of practice that requires them to:

  • To have readily available price lists covering The Simple Funeral Service, and itemised charges for all the constituent parts of the funeral director’s services and all types of coffins and caskets available.
  • To display the price lists referred to in (5) above in the public area of all funeral premises.
  • To give a written estimate of the funeral director’s charges and disbursements to be paid on a client’s behalf, together with written confirmation of the funeral arrangements in each and every case, as soon as is practicable before the day of the funeral. No contractual agreement will have been entered into until these documents have been accepted by the client.
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